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We feel fortunate to have received reflections from our patients about how Brewer PT has helped them. Here are some of our favorites:

"Prior to treatment at Brewer PT, I had significant pelvic pain. This pain kept me from truly enjoying daily activities. After treatment, I found relief and am able to enjoy so many things in my day. The entire team at Brewer is wonderful. They sincerely care about each patient and will do everything they can to assure you leave completely healed and pain free." 

-Maris B. 

"When I came to the Brewer Physical Therapy office, I was in so much pain from my shoulder surgery. I thought there was NO WAY that I could do the exercise without feeling all the pain, but because the staff was so helpful and caring, they helped me through a difficult time. The professionalism and knowledge off all the staff made my recovery a BIG SUCCESS! Thank you Brewer Staff and owner." 

-Carolyn H. 

"They inspired me to begin taking care of my health at 73. Made me have appreciation for my good health. I have lost 15 lbs. and am 3x stronger than when I began. Thanks!"

-Alan S. 

"Three years ago I injured my inner left thigh, It has caused pain and discomfort since. After coming to therapy and being needled I felt a dramatic change right away! After eight weeks the pain is next to completely gone. I will be back for sure in the future! The team and staff are wonderful! I'm sad my therapy is complete because I will truly miss my weekly visits. Thanks guys! :)"

-Courtney Y.

"After years of suffering knee pain I finally agreed with my orthopedist to replace that knee. The staff at Brewer has been extremely helpful in recovering from that surgery. Their advice and guidance has sped my recovery and allowed me to return to work in good time."

-Michael W.  

"When I started therapy, my back pain made everyday task difficult. After just a few weeks, the pain was nearly gone. All of the therapists were extremely friendly and made the process easy. I would definitely recommend BPT to anyone."

-Jack E. 

"My physical therapy experience at Brewer Physical Therapy following my total knee replacement was a positive experience from my first appointment. Everyone from the office personnel to the therapist was very helpful and always encouraging. Even the unpleasant parts of my therapy were made more pleasant by someone sitting and talking me through it to keep my mind off of the discomfort. Thank you for being upbeat and always greeting me with a smile when I walked in. Should I ever need physical therapy again I will choose Brewer."

-Judy W. 

"When I first started physical therapy I had very little movement in my hip. I now have full range of motion and no pain. Everyone here is incredible. I felt very comfortable here and everyone is so nice. They really take the time to get to know you and I am very thankful for that. My last day is bittersweet. I am thankful for all of the help in making me better, but I will miss all of the wonderful people I have met here. Thank you to everyone at Brewer Physical Therapy, you are all amazing!" 

-Sherri G. 

"Having suffered a major shoulder injury, that took eight months to recover, the team here at Brewer has been amazing. Tim was my primary therapist and he has brought me to a functional level that has surpassed both mine and my doctor's expectations. I truly thank and appreciate all of the support that I have received here at Brewer Physical Therapy". 


"After relocating to Shreveport, I was worried I would not be able to find a quality and reputable physical therapist in my new home, but Brewer PT and its staff exceeded my expectations. I was able to feel progress quickly in a fun and inviting environment."  


"From day one I've received the best care there is. All the staff was awesome. They took the time to welcome me with open arms. Everyone was very professional and caring."


"The treatments given helped me to restore my physical, emotional and social well being. I can now once again feel in control of my daily activities. The staff are all amazing. This has been a wonderful experience for me." 


"The staff are awesome. They make everyone feel comfortable. The staff take time and work with the patients, you feel like family before you leave. I really enjoyed my time at Brewer."

-Shebra A.

"So thankful I got to come to Brewer Physical Therapy. I was helped by the greatest group of therapists, very friendly and helpful. If I ever had to see a physical therapist again, it would be here. Sure hate to leave here. I will miss the smiling faces."

-Delight S.

“All the support I received was great and everything is on a very positive level! I enjoyed my visits. All staff members were great and showed great consideration! I had an awesome experience, nothing could have made it better. Everyone was extraordinary and helpful. Continue doing what you’re doing. Loved the needling! Everyone was great. Seriously. Everyone laughed and joked and kept it fun.”

–Paula Rowe

“I would like to say thank you all for being so pleasant and always smiling every time I came in. Staff members were very helpful.”

–Ms. V

“Total staff was knowledgeable. Good team to be with. I have really enjoyed everyone on the staff for being really helpful to me. Keep up the excellent work that you are doing. Amanda, Leah, Donnovan, Chris, and Adam were so good to me, I hate to have to leave.”

–Lorraine Johnson

“I feel that this is a “fibromyalgia friendly” clinic and should be advertised as such. Donnovan was very conversational and sincerely concerned. Leah recognized that the program that I was on was too difficult and adjusted it to fit my needs.”

–Veronica Thomas

“All members of our staff were very pleasant and easy to work with and well trained.”

–Bill Townsend

“All of the staff was excellent and very friendly.”

–Marion Ebarb

“All staff members were very helpful. My treatment helped my condition. I would have to say that EVERYBODY went out of their way to make our visit more pleasant. Especially how wonderful everybody was with Heidi! Thank you so much.”

–Megan and Heidi Welch

“Keep up the great work ya’ll do with everyone and thanks to all that have worked with me. Ms. Leah has always had a kindness about her that she treated me with, but everyone has been so helpful.”

–Danielle Chabot

“Every staff person was kind and considerate. Thank you for the wonderful service provided. Your service was great.”

–Mina Chestnut

“All staff members were helpful and very pleasant to work with. All of my visits here were wonderful! Keep up the good work! Amanda, thanks for explaining everything. You have great people here and you do a great job.”

–Starr Durmon

“All the staff was attentive and professional.“

–Anita Thomas

“My experience was very pleasant! I couldn’t have asked for a better physical therapy experience. Keep up the good work and if I have another accident I’ll come back here because you make me feel better than new. Everything was excellent. All the staff were experienced and perfect towards their client. Everyone was very nice, and I will tell someone else about this business. Very nice.”

–Linda Davis

“Stay the same because nothing could be better. Chris and Adam helped with my treatment.”


“Your care and concern is highly commended. Keep up the beautiful work and God bless you all. Thank you Dr. Amanda!”

–Sister John Mary Jackson

“Y’all are amazing! Thanks for your time and help!“

–Christine Dennis

“My program was very well managed and supervised by competent assistants. All of the staff at Brewer were very helpful and a joy to work with.”

–Sarah Ellsworth

“Everyone was very helpful and kind. I have a hard schedule with work and school, they always worked with me on my schedule. Everyone was great.”

–Jacob Reed

Now offering the only outpatient physical therapy Anti-Gravity Treadmill in town!

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A proven treatment for chronic pain sufferers when nothing else has worked, dry needling is an advanced treatment similar to acupuncture- and our physical therapists are the most experienced in the state of Louisiana when it comes to this technique.

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Patient Education

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