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TeleRehab- Transforming the Patient Experience Through Video Visits

The same expert care you’ve come to expect from BREWER PT—provided virtually, in the comfort of your own home.  Brewer Physical Therapy is proud to offer telehealth physical therapy, an alternate solution for patients who are not able to come into the clinic at this time in order to provide greater access to care.  Our physical therapists are here to provide virtual appointments to patients through a secure, LIVE, HIPAA-compliant video platform.  This virtual platform provides an innovative alternative which will allow patients to access top-notch physical therapy care with the highest level of convenience.  If you can take a “selfie,” you can be treated through telehealth and be connected to one of our physical therapy providers from almost any location in Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee and Texas.  Our staff is committed to ensuring easy access to telehealth physical therapy for even those who are inexperienced with technology.    


Common Conditions Treated Through Telehealth

  •  Musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction including low back, neck, upper extremity and lower extremity pain
  • Pre & post-surgical conditions
  •  Chronic pain, de-conditioning, diabetes
  • Sport-specific injuries
  • Ergonomics
  • Joint replacements
  • Gait and balance training
  • Vestibular dysfunction
  • Injury preventions and performance enhancement and more!

Benefits of Telehealth Visits

  • Continue your treatment with your physical therapist
  • No exposure to coronavirus
  • No transportation time or costs
  • Flexibility of scheduling
  • Real-time exercise assessment and feedback


I want Telehealth!

During the COVID-19 Emergency Period, the following health insurers are offering $0 Cost-Share for Telehealth PT Visits!  This means you can receive your PT treatments via Telehealth at no cost to you!  





Home Physical Therapy

Brewer Physical Therapy launches Home Physical Therapy visits providing exceptional PT to our patients in the comfort of their own homes.  Home-based physical therapy enables patients to maintain and improve their strength and mobility and alleviate pain while working toward accomplishing functional goals—all in the comfort and convenience of their own spaces. 


At Brewer Physical Therapy, we have the resources, experience and the technology expertise to maximize your functional ability and quality of life.

For more information about physical therapy for children or to schedule an appointment, call us in Shreveport at (318) 222-8892, Bossier at (318) 747-8892 and Minden at (318) 639-9536

Now offering the only outpatient physical therapy Anti-Gravity Treadmill in town!

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Dry Needling Technique for Pain Management

A proven treatment for chronic pain sufferers when nothing else has worked, dry needling is an advanced treatment similar to acupuncture- and our physical therapists are the most experienced in the state of Louisiana when it comes to this technique.

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Patient Education

Explore common conditions that benefit from physical therapy in our award-winning patient education library.


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